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Finding the right pair of jeans for your shape can be mind boggling; skinny, mom, straight leg, bootcut, flared, cropped… the list is endless. I often find the one thing clients ask for on a shop is a great fitting pair of jeans. In this post I will give tips and tricks to finding your perfect pair.

The easiest way to break it down is by body shape.

Jeans for a Pear shape

If you are a pear shape you want to create the illusion of a balanced silhouette. The easiest way to do that is to create ‘substance’ or focal point at the head, middle and feet. The best pair of jeans to do this is a flare, bootcut or straight leg. You want to avoid a skinny jean as this will accentuate the hips and thighs further. If your only option is a skinny jean then wear a boot or heavy pair of shoes e.g. wedges, this will then create that focal point for you. Avoid a light wash through the leg, fancy or detailed pockets and just stick to a simple, dark wash. Pears will generally have a small waist and narrow shoulders. Your perfect complete outfit will accentuate your small waist and showcase your beautiful décolletage.

Here’s an example how to get it so right and so wrong…

Jeans for an Hourglass shape

Actually the rule for jeans for an hourglass isn’t dissimilar to a pear, you want to create a balance. A high waisted slim cut will look fab, especially if you can find a pair that sits on the smallest part of your waist. Sofia Vergara always gets it right with her jeans, so right I couldn’t find an image of her getting it wrong so there are 2 examples of nailing it!


Jeans for a Straight up and down (Boyish shape)

Anything goes for this shape, but generally this shape wants to create curves with their clothes so high waisted, flares, cropped flares or tapered jeans work well. The wash in the denim also helps to create the look of curves, especially in the bottom. Just be careful of placement of pockets on the bottom, not too low, too far apart or too high. This will all depend on your bottom so you MUST try before you buy. Fitted jackets or statement shoes will help to complete your look. Cameron Diaz is a perfect example of a boyish shape, here you can see what a difference a simple jacket, colour pop on shoes and lips makes!

Jeans for Petite Ladies

The best cut for petites are cropped or ankle styles. Try to avoid rolling up jeans because they are too long, this will bring attention to the fact they are too long. Getting the right length is essential in creating the illusion of longer lengths. Shop for petite styles rather than tailoring a longer pair. The knee, pocket and rip placement will be different, as will the wash on the denim. Long flares paired with stacked wedges will also create longer legs, try with a top tucked in to really lengthen the legs. At 5” Kourtney Kardashian shows us how to get it right and wrong.

Jeans for Curvy Girls

Flared jeans are great for curvy girls, what you will need to pay attention to is where the flare starts. Ideally they need to start at the knee, this balances out your curvier hips and bottom. Flares look much better with heels or wedges, plus you want to avoid looking like an adolescent skateboarder! If you opt for a straight leg or skinny jeans make sure there is a good amount of stretch and avoid detail or lighter wash on the thighs and calves. Ashely Graham shows us how to rock both styles of jeans, she looks fab in these skinny jeans because she is wearing a statement strappy shoe, so your eye is drawn to her feet rather than her hips and thighs.

Top tips when buying jeans

So here is a round up of top tips when looking for your perfect pair of jeans, whatever your shape!

  • always try them on before buying
  • take a top with you into the changing room, jeans always look better
  • try a squat or sitting down to check they don’t fall down or cut off blood supply
  • if they have some stretch try going down a size, washing them after every wear to get the shape back is not good
  • check location of back pockets
  • get the correct length
  • don’t be afraid to try a different style!!!



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