Holiday capsule wardrobe

On my recent trip to Valencia I didn’t want to pay to put luggage in the hold so I told myself I would be strict and only bring a carry on, but this time not a small case but a holdall! For me this was a big step! I usually like to have lots of options for different occasions and for whatever the weather throws at me. But like me do you always find you come back home with half a suitcase of unworn clothes? Or spend time shopping for holiday clothes that you would never wear at home?

When holiday shopping buy things that are versatile and can be worn at home throughout the summer season, better still if they can be trans-seasonal.

So here is your packing list for a 1 week beach holiday:

x2 bikinis/swimming costume

x2 pair of shorts (1 casual, 1 smart)

x1 dress (suitable for a smart/casual dinner)

x1 light jumper with sleeves for chilly nights and plane journey (choose a neutral colour that works with all your outfits e.g. white, navy, grey, black)

x1 trousers (you could wear these on the plane but also useful to protect against mosquitos)

x2 t-shirts

x2 vest tops

x1 sneakers

x1 beach flip flop

x1 sandal

Jewellery to create different looks. This can also be done with lipsticks and hairstyles, bandanas etc…

Underwear, PJs etc

My shampoo, conditioner, suntan lotion etc I usually buy at the airport to avoid the 100ml rule.

One essential rule to your packing list is that everything has to work together, does it all mix and match? Is it a capsule wardrobe? Review it one more time and reconsider whether you really need that extra pair of shoes!



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