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I recently had a bit of an epiphany when I moved into my new flat and realised I suddenly had to reduce the amount of belongings I owned. I decided I needed to live a more minimalist life. I’m generally not a lover of general ‘stuff’ around the house, my rule is if it doesn’t serve a purpose and just collects dust, it is no good and needs to be thrown out.

The same applies to the wardrobe. A few years ago it wouldn’t take me long to figure out what I wanted to wear in the mornings but recently I was finding it a bit trickier. The reason for this is that I didn’t find a lot of my clothes were comfortable. Ok, call it a mid life crisis or whatever you like but I didn’t want to spend my day tugging at my clothes, sucking my tummy in or getting blisters on my feet. So I decided if it didn’t fit IT’S OUT.

I always apply this rule to when doing ‘The Edit’ with my clients so the move created the best opportunity to apply it to my own wardrobe.

Here are some other general tips and rules to think about when shopping or doing your own wardrobe cleanse:

  • does it work with 3 other items in your existing wardrobe?
  • Do you have the right basics to go with that item?
  • Is it comfortable? Always try and take a seat in the changing room to check waistband, whether it rides up, stretches and creates a gathered effect across the legs, and lastly check it isn’t too tight!
  • Cost per wear! An item might be expensive but can you think of at least 4/5 occasions to wear it to? Is it good quality? Easy to clean? If yes to then it’s a valuable purchase

Spring cleaning your wardrobe is also a great way to clear your mind, it is so therapeutic.

Now, how to make money on those items you want to get rid of. I like Shpock, its completely free and the buyers are local. eBay is another great way to make some money on your unwanted items and lastly set aside a day to do a car boot sale. You can now spend that extra money on that basic essential you really need that brings your whole wardrobe together.

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