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When I am scrolling through Instagram looking at my favourite bloggers latest beach snaps I obsess over they way make a simple bikini look so lovely. Ok, so I get that the photo is probably staged (but aren’t we all guilty of that?!) but it made me think about how I could make a beach look a bit more interesting. So, on a recent holiday I wanted to explore different ways of recreating some looks.

Look 1 – Interesting swimwear

I don’t think that spending a lot of money on swimwear is necessary, our high street has so much to offer. Plus if you enjoy a dip in the pool and sea and slather yourself in suncream swimwear gets ruined fast. I usually buy my swimwear from H&M but this year I opted for River Island and picked up 2 lovely sets.

This white and red bandeau style is very similar to a Tory Burch bikini I saw at their pop up shop in Selfridges earlier this season. The bikini is a bardot style however I unpicked the stitching off the sleeves so I wouldn’t get any tan lines on my arms. It’s a great price at £38 and comes with a matching dress (River Island).

My 2nd choice was a pineapple print cross over with scallop detail from River Island. It is so pretty and comfortable and comes with a matching pair of shorts and bardot style top. At £34 it’s another bargain.


Look 2 – Jewellery

I don’t know about you but eliminating any unnecessary tan lines is essential so no clunky jewellery or jewellery that doesn’t move. Delicate necklaces, bracelets and earrings are a good option. Again the high street has so much offer, I love having a good mooch around Accessorize at the airport and the bonus is it will be tax free!


Look 3 – Headscarves

I picked up this blue silk scarf from India years ago but I have never actually used it so I have experimented with a few different ways to wear a simple scarf.


Look 4 – Hats

I find them a bit of a pain to pack in a suitcase as they can lose their shape so opt for a cap or flexible straw hat is a good option. Alternatively try stuffing underwear into the hat to try and keep the shape.

Look 5 – Bags

Similar to hats you have to be careful how you pack them, unless you use it as hand luggage. A straw bag can compliment your beach look beautifully. Try and choose a flexible straw bag. Ditch the old tatty tote bag and invest in a good straw bag, bonus is using it at home to pick up the groceries! This straw bag with tassel from Zara keeps selling out but it’s back in stock now so go and grab it now! It’s £29.99 which is a brilliant price compared to others I have seen.




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